Smiley's Home Distilling

Smiley's Home Distilling is now located in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

Ian Smiley Sold the business to Blair Beckman in June of 2019.

Ian can still be reached through this site as we are regularly in contact with him as he helps us answer questions for customers about stuff that we don't know about - and there is lots of that.

Smiley's Home Distilling STILL specializes in home-distilling books, equipment, supplies, and expertise.

The company will remain committed to the customers that Ian has built up a great working relationship with over the years so please don't hesitate to ask for help if you require any.

The focus of the company will remain the same as in the home distilling industry with informational books, equipment and essences.  

We will be adding a new link to a sister website that deals with all aspects of the HOME wine making, beer making and home distilling. We look forward to serving a larger market as the home alcohol making of all kinds expands. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries about ordering, or if you need help with any technical matters.

Blair Beckman
115 McLeod Ave
Saskatoon, Sk
S7M 4P9


Telephone: 1-306-244-5554


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