Brewhaus Distiller's Nutrients

Brewhaus Distiller's Nutrients
Brewhaus Distiller's Nutrients
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by Brewhaus America Inc.
A complete mixture of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and pH buffers necessary for strong fermentation in a nutrient difficient mash.  Packed in a resealable oxygen barrier container.
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Distiller's Nutrient is not to be mistaken for Yeast Nutrient (usually just diammonium phosphate) or Yeast Energizer (usually simply yeast nutrient with the addition of vitamin B).  Our new Distiller’s Nutrients are all of the minerals, micro and macro nutrients, vitamins, pH buffers, and more, that are found in a quality Turbo Yeast.
So, why do we offer this mix but not straight distiller’s yeast?  Quite simply, bulk distiller’s yeast is intended for large distilleries, where their in-house labs can properly combine the necessary nutrients, minerals, vitamins, etc., that the yeast needs, based on the specific deficienies in a given mash.  Recently, the homebrew market has seen this yeast as a cheap alternative to Turbo Yeast, simply based on the name "Distiller’s Yeast”.  And unfortunately, many resellers offer bulk distiller’s yeast (often in 1lb. packs) without the in-depth knowledge or nutrient complex needed to fulfill the yeasts' requirements.  This has created a need for proper nutrition in order to best get the yeast through the fermentation process.  While different yeast strains, different mashes, temperature during fermentation, etc., all create different nutritional requirements, there is a baseline to go by that will work across the board, with a minimum of problems.  This is a drastic improvement over simply using Yeast Nutrient, Yeast Energizer, or Joe’s ‘add this and it’ll work’.  Why?  When yeast is shorted on its nutritional requirements, it is stressed.  When yeast is stressed, it produces byproducts instead of just alcohol when converting sugar.  Not only does this result in a ‘stinky’ and ‘foul tasting’ fermented wash, but every bit of sugar that was turned into byproducts was not converted into alcohol.  Hence, you will not only get a bad smelling and tasting wash, but you will lose out on alcohol from fermentation.  Our Distiller’s Nutrients will help avoid nutritional shortages, and basically turn your bulk distiller’s yeast into a generic turbo yeast.  While this is not optimal, and certainly no replacement for a good quality Turbo Yeast, it is far better than the alternative!
General usage rates for Distiller’s Nutrients based on desired fermentable alcohol potential:
8%- 1.5g per L of mash 11%- 2g per L of mash
14%- 2.6g per L of mash 18%- 4.8g per L of mash
1g = 1ml (1/5 tsp)
For example, to make a 25L mash at 18%:
4.8g x 25L = 120g (120ml (24 tsp))
Be sure that your distiller’s yeast is capable of fermenting to the percentage alcohol you desire before proceeding.
Use the following guidelines to ensure proper yeast pitching rates:
Yeast cells die very quickly after their original packaging is opened.
New package: 1g/L (25g per 25L mash)
For each month after opening, add 20% to pitching rates up to 6 months.
Note that these rates are guidelines only. Yeast may not last 6 months after opening.

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