Essential Extractor Pot Distiller - Column

Essential Extractor Pot Distiller - Column
Essential Extractor Pot Distiller - Column
The Essential Extractor Pot Distiller Column with Connector is an 18" tall, stainless steel pot distillation column.
Built to order, 3 weeks to ship
Price: USD114.99
Product Details
The Column with Connector has a Tri-Clamp fitting welded to the bottom of the column, making it directly attachable to a standard US beer keg, or to another Tri-Clamp fitting.  The Column with Connector does not include the contents of the Hose Pack.
  • 1 piece distillation column for use as a pot distiller only
  • 18" total height
  • Made of dairy grade Stainless Steel beverage tubing
  • Type 316L fittings
  • 1 Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp
  • 1 EPDM Chemical Tolerant Gasket
  • 1 EPDM Chemical Tolerant O-Ring for direct keg attachment
  • 1 Thermometer - Laboratory Grade
  • 1 Bung - Small, 10.5
The Essential Extractor Pot Distillation Column is a distillation column usable only for Traditional (Pot) Distillation.  The shorter column lends itself to distillation where little to no reflux of vapor is desired, making it ideally suited for distillation of products such as essential oils and whisky or rum using the old style, traditional distillation.  The short column is open to access, allowing the addition of copper mesh in the vapor path where its addition is beneficial, however, for those types of distillation where copper may actually decrease the quality of the finished product, it can be easily removed.
As with all the Essential Extractor units, the Pot Distiller column uses a tri-clamp fitting making it directly compatible with a standard US (Sanke type) beer keg.

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