Starter Kit- Silver

Starter Kit- Silver
Starter Kit- Silver
SKU: EQ043
Everything in our Bronze Starter Kit, plus Stone Carbon!
Price: USD69.99
Product Details
  • 32L Chemical resistant  fermenter
  • Thermometer, Stick-On 
  • 3 piece airlock
  • Long Handled Plastic Spoon
  • Stainless Steel Siphon with clear  PVC tubing
  • 2 Prestige Turbo 48 yeast
  • 2 Sparkolloid rapid clearing agent
  • 30cm Alcoholmeter
  • 30cm Hydrometer 
  • 13" Glass Test Cylinder
  • Brewhaus Equipment Cleaner, 2oz
  • Brewhaus Equipment Rince, 2oz
  • Activated Stone Carbon- 0.4-0.85mm

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