PDA-1 Column Extension

PDA-1 Column Extension
- Extends column to 36"
- Runs at 1500W
- Doubles flow rate
- Comes packed with structured packing
- Comes with insulating sleeve
Price: USD95.00
Product Details
The PDA-1 was designed to be compact, yet able to produce the purest vodka at a rate that suited the personal requirements of the average amateur distiller.  Our calculations showed that with a column length of just 12 inches, the optimum power for the boiler would be in the region of 550 to 850 watts.  Most users find that the middle of this range, 750 watts, consistently produces distillate that, when diluted with water to potable strength of 40% abv (80 proof), provides them with a standard bottle (750-ml) of extremely pure vodka every hour.
However, as we also wanted users to be able to use their PDA-1 to perform initial stripping of the raw fermented wash quickly, the design included a top condenser rated at 1500 watts, so that power could be applied to the boiler during that process.
The PDA-1 Column Extension was produced in response to requests from customers who wanted to apply the same 1500 watts during the rectification run, enabling them to cut final production time in half.  This column, which is simply inserted between the boilerand the PDA-1, achieves this aim by providing the additional length needed to cater for the doubled vapour speed through the packing.  This ensures full separation of the vapour components by the time that vapour reaches the product extraction port - in short, pure vodka in half the time.
The Column Extension comes complete with Amphora Structured Packing and heat insulation sleeving.

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