Fermenter Heater - 120 Volt - 100W - Adjustable

Fermenter Heater - 120 Volt - 100W - Adjustable
Fermenter Heater - 120 Volt - 100W - Adjustable
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Use for fruit mash enzyme treatment or the Amazing Still.
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Immersion heater adjustable from 45-55C (113-131F) with built in themometer. IC controlled.

Using a heater with the themometer and thermostat on seperate control unit is a handy solution.

You don't need to remove the heater from the liquid to adjust temperature, all is available on the control unit itself.



Immerse the heater in the liquid you would like to heat up.

Plug it in and the display will show you what the setting is for the thermostat, pre-set is 50C.

Adjust the value with the buttons on the controller if you would like cooler or warmer. 

The display will show you the current temperature in the liquid. If it is lower than 20C it will show two dashes (--).


As the liquid heats up the display will show you the temperature until it reaches the set temperature.

Then it pulses on and off to hold that temperature.

You can alter the setting any time, to set a different temperature.



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