FermHeater* - Stainless Steel Heater, 68F-93F

FermHeater* - Stainless Steel Heater, 68F-93F
FermHeater* - Stainless Steel Heater, 68F-93F
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A major upgrade from a band belt fermenter heater, the FermHeaterTM is a fully-submersible, stainless steel rod heater that will allow you to keep fermenting at a consistent temperature. 68F-93F range.
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Product Details

Our FermHeaterTM is a fully-submersible fermenter heater, making it an efficient and reliable alternative to band belts that will allow you to ferment at a consistent temperature even during cool weather. It uses advanced PTC thermal resistance heating semiconductor technology, automatic thermostat, temperature control, and is more precise, with 30% energy savings. In simpler terms, the FermHeaterTM is easy to use, safe, and efficient.

The FermHeaterTM is suitable for all liquid types, and the heating temperature can be set externally from 68-93F. Made from 304 stainless steel, it comes ready to use with 2 clips that allow you to suction the FermHeaterTMto the inside wall of your fermenter to keep it fully submerged during use.

300W - enough for even large fermentations!
Temperature range- 68F-93F (20C-34C).  1 degree accuracy.

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