Brew Belt

Brew Belt
Brew Belt
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Wraps around your plastic fermenter to help maintain a warm and consistent temperature.
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Product Details

This standard voltage, 25-watt Brew Belt is an electric heating band that adjusts to fit around plastic fermenters 5-9 gallons. Designed to help maintain minimum fermenting temperatures, the Brew Belt will raise the temperature 10° above the room's ambient temp.

Perfect for those fermenting in basements when you need just a bit of extra heat when the temperature drops. If you need more than a 10° increase in heat, check out the immersible FermHeaterTM.

For use with plastic fermenters ONLY. Not recommended for use with glass carboys.

Yeast Fermenting Quick Guide

• High Spirits Turbo 48 Turbo Yeast: 86-100°F
• High Spirits Turbo 24 Turbo Yeast: 86-100°F
• Prestige 8kg Turbo Yeast: 75-80°F
• Prestige Turbo Pure 48 Turbo Yeast: 68-86°F
• Prestige Black Label Turbo Yeast: 68-86°F
• Prestige Batch Yeast: 68-83°F
• Black Bull Turbo Distillers Yeast: 68-82°F

25W electric heat

Raises temperature 10° from room temp

Not to be used on glass carboys 


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