4" Complete Flute System with Copper Bubble Plates, 6 section

4" Complete Flute System with Copper Bubble Plates, 6 section
4" Complete Flute System with Copper Bubble Plates, 6 section
Complete 4" Flute style distiller with 6 sections and 15 gallon kettle.
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Product Details

The Brewhaus(America) 4" Flute Column uses individual sections to allow for the greatest degree of versatility - run as few or as many sections as you need depending on what you are producing, power of heat source, etc.  Includes 6 column sections and upgraded copper bubble plates in place of perforated copper plates at no additional charge.  The large 3" diameter sight glasses give you a large viewing area to see the action taking place!


Also includes a solar digital thermometer, built-in parrot, and all hoses, valves, and even a submersible pump!

Flute Distiller Section



Each section has a large 3" viewing window and copper bubble plate instead of the lower cost perforated disc



Flute Dephlegmator



Dephlegmator is able to control a large amount of vapour to allow for fast distillation, even on high-purity runs



Digital Thermometer



Accurate, easy-to-read Solar Digital Thermometer (choose from Fahrenheit or Celsius)



Flute Shotgun Condenser



'Shotgun' condenser is able to condense vapour extremely efficiently, and able to keep up even on fast stripping runs



Parrot for Flute



Built-in inline parrot for constant proof readings






Hose pack includes all the hoses, valves, and clamps needed, and even a submersible pump!



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