Essential Extractor Thumper

Essential Extractor Thumper
Essential Extractor Thumper
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by Brewhaus(America) Inc.

Stainless Steel Thumper.  Tall, slim design optimizes condensing action!
Optimal size for most batches.

Price: USD119.99
Product Details

The Essential Extractor Thumper is made from heavy-gauge stainless steel, and at 3L it is the perfect size for most 5-6 gallon grain distillations. The tall, slim design is optimal for the condensing of incoming vapor, which is necessary for thumper action.

Includes a diffusion screen to diffuse the incoming vapor, decreasing condensing time and improving thumper performance.

Add-ons include a tri-clamp kettle connector and Liebig condenser.








Tri-clamp Kettle Connector










Liebig Condenser



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