High Spirits Grain Vodka Turbo Yeast with AG

High Spirits Grain Vodka Turbo Yeast with AG
High Spirits Grain Vodka Turbo Yeast with AG
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SKU: TY020X1
by Brewhaus(America) Inc.
A specially selected neutral fermenting yeast strain blended with nutrients and minerals specific to the needs of a grain wash.
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Product Details
High Spirits Grain Vodka Turbo Yeast is specially formulated for the production of ultra-clean vodka using a grain wash. The yeast strain selected is ideal for fermentation of grains, and the nutrient mix is adjusted to provide the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins lacking in a high-gravity grain wash. This ensures a strong, complete fermentation with minimum byproduct production that contribute to off-flavours. Gluco-amylase enzyme breaks down carbohydrates into fermentable sugars, getting the most alcohol from your grain.

Specially formulated for grain fermentation to 14%.

High Spirits brand Grain Vodka Turbo Yeast with Gluco-Amylase Enzyme is produced in the USA. 

All High Spirits yeasts are Urea Free!

Sufficient for 25L

Certified Kosher (Pareve)

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