High Spirits Rum Turbo Yeast

High Spirits Rum Turbo Yeast
High Spirits Rum Turbo Yeast
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25 To 99999 Units
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by Brewhaus(America) Inc.
A specially selected yeast strain blended with a blend of nutrients and minerals specific to the needs of a molasses wash.
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Product Details
High Spirits brand Rum Turbo Yeast is a specially selected yeast strain and mineral / nutrient / vitamin mixture specifically developed for molasses fermentation.  Due to the high osmotic pressure of molasses, it is not advised to ferment above 12% abv when using only diluted molasses.

High Spirits brand Rum Turbo Yeast is produced in the USA and has been sold to distilleries for years, and is now available in single-use sachets.

Sufficient for 25L

All High Spirits yeasts are Urea Free!

Certified Kosher (Pareve)


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