8 Gallon Premium Kettle

8 Gallon Premium Kettle
8 Gallon Premium Kettle
Sure SealTM Premium Stainless Steel Kettle with a choice of fitting. Customized to order, 3 weeks to ship.
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Product Details
A Stainless Steel boiling kettle with handles and with your choice of fitting on the lid. Made by Brewhaus(America) from high grade, custom parts, made to our demading specifications.  We do not use utility pails or dairy milk cans that are not made for welding or heating for use in our kettles.
Because we use an extra high grade of stainless steel in the production of our Premium Kettles, they cannot be used on induction cookers. As a result of the high grade of stainless steel they have increased corrosion resistance.
Approximate Kettle Dimensions:
14"d x 18"h

Unlike 2-ear clamp down systems, our custom Sure SealTM lid uses a full-clamp system that ensures a vapour tight seal. Our testing of 2-ear systems found them to leak vapour, which can be hazardous when distilling a flammable product.

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