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Author: Ian Smiley. This book was written by a science graduate with many years experience adapting commercial distillation processes to small-scale, inexpensive home operations. It details all the steps involved in making whiskey, from making corn mash, to fermentation, to distilling the finished spirit. The book explains exactly what to buy, how to assemble the equipment, how and why everything works, and how to operate it. The book is 186 pages and is complete with diagrams and photographs of finished equipment and close-ups of key components.
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Authors:  Nixon & McCaw.  This book covers all aspects of small scale distillation, from first concepts to detailed analysis of the process, dealing solely with facts and not myths. It has been acknowledged as being the leading text on the subject and has been in heavy demand worldwide. It is even used by many students in chemistry and industrial engineering studies as they say it contains the clearest and most concise description of distillation theory to be found under one cover.
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Author:  Riku.  This book takes the reader step by step through all the traditional techniques, then shows how they may be simplified and improved by clearly understanding the basic principles underlying the distillation process.
Author:  Volodimir Pavliuchuk.  Home distilling was once a prestigious activity associated with high Society. From the 15th to the 18th centuries, stillrooms were an important feature of English manor houses and many books of instructions and recipes were produced by aristocratic hobby distillers. This book takes you on a journey that starts in Mesopotamia around 3500 BC, then through the centuries and around the globe to discover the fascinating story of distilled beverages, their origins and social significance. Included are 260 carefully selected recipes drawn from rare historical sources, updated for the modern reader. Many can easily be made with off-the-shelf ingredients by simply blending and soaking the ingredients in spirits. If you are a hobby or artisan distiller, you will quickly find this book to be one of your most valuable assets.
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Zymurgy Bob was there at the beginning of of the artisanal distillation movement, and way before it started, too. Since 1951, he has been experimenting with fermenting and distilling spirits. since the rise of the internet, he has been moderating forums on small scale distillation and answering thousands of questions. In this book, he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, beginning with plans to build a small test still in a day, and step by step instructions on how to run it and how to test your processes. Recipes and information follow on how to improve and scale up to whatever size you desire.
by Ian Smiley, Eric Watson & Michael Delevante This book is inspired by the recent popularity of rum among cocktail circles, and by the advent of so many new rum craft distilleries in North America.
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Are you interested in home distilling but not sure where to start? In his latest book, Brewhaus founder Rick Morris explains every facet of distilling in a way that anyone can understand. Follow step-by-step instructions to create your own signature brew at home, or try to recreate some of Rick's favorite recipes.
A history of moonshine, plus recipes, how-to, and more.
Author: Ola Norrman (Pseudonym) The Home Distillation Handbook describes how to make alcoholic spirits at home. One of the best books on the subject, it describes in detail how you can make your own spirits. 93 pages.

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