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PDA-2 High Power Distillation Column

PDA-2 High Power Distillation Column
PDA-2 High Power Distillation Column
The PDA-2 High Power Distillation Column was a natural development from the Classic PDA-1, which was the first really small-scale distillation column that ensured production of absolutely pure vodka, yet with the ability to be de-tuned to produce flavoured spirits.
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Many commercial distillation companies had bought the PDA-1 to enable them to conduct economical laboratory testing of their products.  It therefore wasn't long beforfe we started to get requests for a higher powered column that had the same characteristics.  Existing production equipment they had just didn't match the PDA-1 for efficiency,and the commercial advantages of a larger still that produced the same high quality were obvious.
Investment in new production equipment had always been very expensive, so upgrading had naturally been undertaken with caution and only after exhaustive cost-benefit analysis.  The PDA-2 changed all that.  Here was a distillation column that not only gave reliable, high quality output, but it was relatively inexpensive.
The PDA-2 also enabled growth to be planned and controlled.  A modular concept had guided its design, so instead of heavy investment in one very large distillation column, growth could be controlled by adding more PDA-2 columns to the same boiler as demand increased.
Naturally, this modular concept also delivered maintenance benefits, in that individual columns could be removed for servicing, cleaning, etc. without interrupting production.  But the greatest advantage lay in versatility, for the same columns could be used to produce either pure vodka or flavoured spirits, and with no change to their configuration other than adjustment of a single control valve.
It's therefore not surprising that the PDA-1 is now becoming the preferred equipment for many new distilleries that would otherwise have had to invest heavily before production could start.
One example of such a distillery is Touch Vodka, located in Florida.  Touch Vodka specializes in production of a delicious honey-flavoured vodka, distilling mead with the PDA-2 - or rather, an array of PDA-2s - as their production requirements have rapidly grown with the popularity of this vodka.
Other new distilleries in Canada report the same success, their growth helped in no small measure by the fact that investment in equipment can be carefully controlled, and within financial limits that previously had been impossible.
There are indeed several excellent stills on the market today to choose from, but we firmly believe that no other system offers the same versatility, the same quality, the same maintenance flexibility, nor the same low investment portfolio.
We do not offer the PDA-2 for sale directly on this website, for it is our experience that distillers almost invariably have different specific requirements.  Two versions of the PDA-2 are available, one using conventional liquid management, and the other vapour management - a technique developed and pioneered by the Amphora Society.
Instead, we invite you to contact us if you are interestd in learning more about how the PDA-2 can be introduced into existing plant, or if you seek advice in setting up new plant.  For detailed engineering guidance we offer an experienced consultation service.  Simply contact us to learn moe about the PDA-2, or what services we can assist you with.

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